In life, there are certain rules we must adhere to. For instance, death and taxes are always certain, never wear white after Labor Day, always throw salt over your left shoulder when spilled, on Wednesdays we wear pink, and last but not least, Tuesdays are for tacos! And here to help you adhere to this very important practice of enjoying Taco Tuesday any day of the week are these deliciously authentic Mexican food restaurants right here in the Hood River community.

Hood River Mexican Restaurants
El Cuate Mexican Restaurant can be found both at their restaurant and at their food truck. Photo courtesy: El Cuate Mexican Restaurant

El Cuate Mexican Restaurant

1769 12th Street

Some of the test tacos, and burgers, around can be found at El Cuate Mexican Restaurant, as well as at their food truck at 419 State Street. Owner Ricardo Lopez moved to the states in 2002 and got a job washing dishes at an American restaurant famous for its burgers. He eventually moved up the corporate ladder and at the urging of his boss, he opened his food truck, El Cuate Taqueria.

Together, he and his wife worked to create some unique, flavorful Mexican dishes that his restaurant is now famous for! Every dish you try at any El Cuate location is always made fresh using authentic Mexican traditions and they take pride in grilling their carne asada unlike many restaurants because they know the real secret — it adds so much more flavor and texture!

Hood River Taqueria

Hood River Mexican Restaurants
Satisfy your Mexican food cravings at Hood River Taqueria. Photo courtesy: Arrived Rentals

1210 13th Street

Yummy, authentic soups and salads, tasty combinations, delightful seafood, and hearty house specials can be found at Hood River Taqueria. Plus, they even have patio seating and they just added bottled beer to the menu! It’s the perfect place to spend your Taco Tuesday as all they have some amazing taco deals.

Their house special tacos are only $2.50 each and come with cilantro, onions, and everyone’s favorite guacamole. Plus, they offer a variety of meat options such as carnitas (fried pork), chorizo (spicy pork sausage), and al pastor (mixed beef, pork, and crushed pineapple). Other tacos on the menu include vegetarian, white chicken, spicy chicken, and spiced pork and come with cilantro and onions for only $2.25. Talk about tasty taco deals!

Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant

Hood River Mexican Restaurants
Taco Tuesday is always tasty at Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant. Photo courtesy: Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant

2929 Cascade Avenue

The Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant in Hood River is the latest addition to the Ixtapa establishments, with the other two locations being in Dalles. Here, you can enjoy the taste of real Mexican cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere with amazing customer service and a full bar to boot. The interior itself is quite lovely with their décor depicting Mexican rural life that’s skillfully captured in all original hand-painted murals created by Mexican artists.

They invite all those looking to get their Taco Tuesday on to come and join them for the fiesta, and the best part? It doesn’t even have to be Tuesday — tacos can be enjoyed anytime! Stop in and try their Tacos All Carbon which is a bountiful plate of three soft corn tortillas dipped in red sauce, lightly grilled, then stuffed with your choice of charbroiled skirt steak or charbroiled chicken, all garnished with pico de gallo, guac, and Mexican cheese. Yum!

Lake Taco

Hood River Mexican Restaurants
100% Mexican flavor can be found in Hood River at Lake Taco. Photo courtesy: Lake Taco

1213 June Street

Dedicated to providing taco lovers with 100% Mexican flavor in the form of an extensive menu is Lake Taco on June Street. They have a variety of dishes that are sure to delight your palate and satisfy your appetite with each delicious bite. All dishes here are made with fresh tortillas from the comal and sauces that are made with traditional recipes making each bite echo with the seasoning of their Mexican homeland.

A favorite on their menu is the cheese taco that’s made with a handmade tortilla that is filled with cheese once it’s placed on the grill creating a shell of yummy, cheesy goodness that’ll make your mouth water.

Taqueria Los Amigos

Hood River Mexican Restaurants
Mouthwatering Mexican cuisine at affordable prices awaits at Taqueria Los Amigos. Photo courtesy: Taqueria Los Amigos 2

3409 Odell Hwy

Ready to serve you and your family hot, delicious Mexican food at an affordable price is Taqueria Los Amigos and they promise you’ll have the best restaurant experience of your life at their establishment. For 17 years they’ve worked hard to perfect their cooking and truly capture authentic flavor with every bite. Their cooks are just as passionate as they’ve been honing their cooking skills since they were young children learning from their mothers and fathers.

The menu boasts some tasty classics, including burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, and of course tacos! Numerous flavor options are also available for each item, including savory, sweet, and spicy.

Remember the rules — Tuesdays are for tacos! And there are plenty of tasty taco options right here in the Hood River area all thanks to these deliciously authentic Mexican food restaurants.

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