Analemma Wines

Steven Thompson and Kris Fade have worked hard to preserve the 50-year history of their vines at Analemma Wines, while creating fine wines using rare fruit and holistic practices. They have an indoor tasting room as well as an outdoor patio. Drop in during their seasonal hours, or make a reservation anytime. Reservations are required for groups of six or more. Email for reservations.

120 State Road, Mosier

Garnier Vineyards 

Garnier Vineyards is located on the Mayerdale Estate, a historical farm established in 1910. The impressive colonial mansion was completed in 1913 and still stands today. Reminiscent of Southern colonial mansions, it’s worth a visit. The vineyard is kept with sustainability and stewardship in mind, with a focus on creating flavorful Oregon wines. Drop by during tasting room hours or call for a special appointment.

8467 Highway 30 West, Moiser

Idiot’s Grace

Idiot’s Grace wines are created using organically farmed grapes on farms on both the Washington and the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. They specialize in creative wines that bring out the best in the region’s flavors. Their beautiful tasting room is on their vineyard, where you can take a tour and have a picnic.

8450 Highway 30, Moisier

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